The thought of travelling on a plane with kids can be stressful in itself. What shall we pack to keep them entertained? Will they sleep? Will they spend the whole time screaming and crying? Below is a list of our must haves when travelling on a plane with kids.

Snacks, snacks snacks!

You can never have too many. Have snacks that will last a while. For example sultanas, popcorn, trail mix (nuts/seeds/sultanas), small pieces of cut up fruit. We divided some of the snacks into spill proof containers we purchased from amazon. They were great, as you don’t spend your entire flight picking up food scraps! Here is the link if you are interested.


We got this tip from a friend and it has been a godsend on each flight we have been on. Wrap small activities up and make a big deal of presenting it to your child. Depending on the length of your flight hand them out every ½ hour to an hour. We wrapped flash cards, thomas book, small puzzles, small pack of crayons and a Playschool colouring in book, small box of lego and busy bags.

Time the flight around sleeps

When booking a flight, try and time it around your toddlers sleep time. This way, your baby/toddler may sleep at their normal sleep time on the plane. (fingers crossed).


This is great for you and for bub on the plane, especially if you have to resort to holding them while they are asleep. For babies, you can pop the pillow on your lap and let them lie down, for toddlers you can pop the armrest down and have them sleep on the chair with their head on the pillow on your lap.

Child friendly headphones

These were great if your child wants to watch the plane movies/Ipad. We bought some from Big W and they were great. Here is the link if you are interested. 

Stickers and sticker books

We love Priddy books. They have great sticker books for all ages and our son was entertained for ages.

Flashcards/snap cards

Our son loves Thomas and Playschool, so we purchased flash cards for him to use on the plane. They kept him entertained for ages.

New toys and books

Try and take new activities and books so they are engaged for longer on the plane.

Lift and flap books

We are BIG fans of the lip and flap Priddy books. They have a great selection of books and always keep our little ones entertained for hours. These are our favorites for travel.

Busy bags

There are some great ideas for busy bags on Pinterest for kids of all ages. These are great for keeping kids entertained. We had several differents small bags filled with activities to keep him engaged and entertained. This included stickers, threading beads onto shoelaces, coloured pegs and cut out coloured paper squares, magnet letters and a tin lid, coloured paddle pop sticks and coloured paper matching, lego, and flash cards. These are also great when you are traveling through countries and keeping your kids entertained on trains/buses/car trips, or simply in the hotel room when you are packing!

Roll up crayons

We found these great for traveling. Pencils you need to sharpen, regular crayons snap/break, and textas are too messy!


You can get small lego boxes which make a plane/car. These are great.

Watercolour pads

This was a great mess free activity we did with our son on our last trip. You fill the “pen” with water and they draw on the white paper. When the water hits the paper, an image appears. The best $3 we ever spent!

Activity books

I’m a big fan of activity books, but trying to find the right one to keep your little one engaged for more than a minute can be challenging. These Priddy activity books were life saves for us on the plane. Priddy books have a HUGE selection of activity books for babies through to school aged kids. These two were our favourites. But here is a link for more options that may suit you and your children. 

Try and get a window seat

This is great for keeping your child distracted y looking out the window, it also keeps them contained and not escaping down the aisle every 2 seconds.


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