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We are a family of 4 who love to travel. As a couple we traveled the world on and off over 10 years. When the thought of kids came into the picture, our friends and family convinced us that our travelling days were going to be over for good! Lets just say we proved them wrong! Travelling with kids is a whirlwind adventure.

Yes, gone are the days where we can sit on the roof of buses in India, or paraglide off the Annapurna Mountain ranges in Nepal, but now we can see the world through the eyes of our children and experience a completely different way to travel, one which I would not swap for anything.

By travelling, we aim to teach our kids a variety of cultural values, worldly foods, different religions and practices and the various ways people live their lives. Mainly we would like our kids to not take things here in Sydney for granted, and to explore as often and as far as possible.

Come on our journey where we will give factual advice on the best and stress free ways to travel with kids, and be inspired by various child friendly travel destinations around the world.